Video Game Preview: Winter 2015

Hayden Elder, Online Newspaper Editor

2015 has been quite the year for video games. Almost every month has held three or four highly anticipated titles for video game fanatics to drool over, but this winter holds the best of the best. Here are0 a few of the titles that are hitting shelves this winter and are keeping us up late into the night when we should probably be studying.

Fallout 4

Perhaps one of the most anticipated games of the year is Fallout 4. Fallout fans such as myself have been deprived of a new game in the franchise for nearly six years now, and it looks like Fallout 4 could be the best one yet. Bethesda has been very secretive of their new baby and all fans have to go off of is the multitude of trailers and their own imaginations. A couple of things are certain though: the story takes place in post-apocalyptic Boston. Players come out of Vault 111 in Boston, and the game is filled with new features. The game runs on Bethesda’s new Creation physics and graphics engine, and has been completely revised since the last game, Fallout: New Vegas. Movements, dialogue (there are more than 111,000 lines of dialogue in the game), and scenery have all been overhauled. All in all, Fallout 4 is on track to be a crowd pleaser.

COD Black Ops 3

Since the dawn of the first person shooter in the early 2000s, Call of Duty has been the franchise to beat. The series has debuted its newest title Call of Duty: Black Ops III. Black Ops III has been heavily anticipated, and Treyarch (the game’s development team) claims that it is the most different Call of Duty yet. The game runs on a brand new physics and graphics engine, replacing the traditional running, jumping, and crawling with an advanced freerunning system. Treyarch has hinted at a complex storyline in the campaign mode; and reviews prove them right. There is also a revised Zombies mode with it’s own storyline. For a rapid, unique, and very Michael Bay style blow-ema�� up, shooter, be sure to check out Call of Duty: Black Ops III.

Star Wars Battlefront

It is no joke that Star Wars has infiltrated almost every facet of popular culture since the saga began in 1977. In the early 2000s, Star Wars began a new life in video games with Star Wars Battlefront 1 & 2. The next installment in the series has now come to next gen consoles. The storyline intertwines with the newest movie: Star Wars: the Force Awakens, which releases in December. Ever since EA announced that the game would be released, people have been waiting for the Battlefield-inspired huge multiplayer modes that incorporated infantry battles and airborne warfare into the same battlefield. Finally, Star Wars fans will be able to live out their dreams of fighting the Empire in an X-Wing fighter over the frozen surface of Hoth.