Before Finals Are Final


Rachel Godbey , Punny Journalist

Some may say that life goes by in a flash, but when it comes to finals the only thing that’s going fast is the clock ticking down the time you have left to write an outrageous essay. It’s not your fault that you completely forgot to study for. One clock that is ticking down is the clock that sits in the back of your mind reminding you of the little time you have left to study for finals, ACTS, and even SATS. To help with all the stress of finals swiftly approaching, below are seven tips to keep the stress as a myth and to conquer those finals.

Tip 1: DONa��T CRAM!!

Cramming for tests is a proven act that can lower your score. Every night about three weeks leading up to the final spend about 30 minute sessions twice a day with a fifteen minute break to let your mind fully soak in the new information while letting it rejuvenate from the studying.

Tip 2: Turn Your Phone Off

I know I know, I sound like a mom but in true honesty, not checking how many likes your tweet got or how many heart eyes emoji’s your Instagram picture received, can lead to better studying time. Studies have shown that if you put your phone away, and aren’t constantly looking at a screen you retain information 75% better than if you were to study with a phone right by your side.

Tip 3: Pop Some Gum

All of the human senses are super closely bound together. Especially taste and smell. Experts suggest choosing a strong taste like cinnamon, or crisp mint and chewing it while studying, then whipping it out before a test and chow down on the strong taste, can lead to a boost in your memory of the topic.

Tip 4: Bulk Up On Carbs the Day of the Test

Some may say that their morning ritual is having a single banana which results in starving the rest of the day. Not only is this bad for your health, but it may cause your focus to waver over from the test, to how many times your stomach growls during a pre caulc. exam. Eating a hearty bowl of whole grain oatmeal, or a whole wheat waffle with berries with boost your energy, and help you put a full on focus on any test you may take.

Tip 5: Get a Full 8-10 Hours of Sleep

Going with Tip 1, cramming the night before and only getting five hours does more damage than good. The old method of staying up late to fit in some last minute notes is a mistake. Sleeping a full night will not only give you a more refreshed look, you let your brain have a calm down and lets it hold in info much better.

Tip 6: Find a Study Group That Does More Good than Harm

Studying with friends can lead to one of two ways. One way is the squad either ends up throwing books to the side to go and do something more fun than reading a gargantuan AP text book. On the other side having one person do all the work and no one really knowing what is going on until they tank the final for that particular class. Find a group that clicks well with you and you click well with. Not only will this benefit you in your studies but you might actually find people that you can complain to about how much homework is assigned nightly.

Tip 7: Make Time for the Things You Like Outside of School

Finals are there for you to show off what you have learned out all year. But they will do no good if you stress yourself out. Making time for things that you like including, different clubs, sports, or that new novel you can’t wait to get your hands on will ease your stress. After all you are just a kid.

In the end you just have to push yourself, not over the edge but pretty close to it. With these tips and some of your own you will rock finals by your own graces and become the student you have always wanted to be.