Road To Success


Freshmen are watching/talking during the jump-start day assembly. (Photographed by Morgan Evanoff)

Batkhuleg Battur , Reporter




In high school, there’s always that group of people who are welcomed into a new school where they are ready to take the special treatment from upperclassmen and tend to get pranked. They are the Freshmen, and being a freshman in high school is a tough time to get used to the school, finding the right class and knowing the whole entire school is a different aspect of their lives.


Teachers and counselors do a great job of helping and supporting Freshmen in learning all the school rules, dress codes, and last but least the school motto which here at Battle High School is the CHARGE. (C-Challenge, H-Honor, A-Advocate, R-Respect, G-Give, E-Engage)


All Freshmen are required to take advisory that allows them to work with a teacher or mentor to help with their school work. Sometimes advisory classes take tours around the building and spend time talking about academic goals.


A third hour B-day class in room B101 has something special ahead of them. Students who are in this class have the potential to increase their grades and get their homework finished on time. Ms. Alicia Herzog is by far an amazing teacher for an advisory. She engages with the students well, facilitating a lot of class activities, proving that helping her students succeed is her number one goal.


“Understand what the school is about and understand teaching expectations are one of the best steps to succeed,” Herzog says.


For those students who are trying to pass all their classes, Herzog says, “It’s not about grades, it’s about how much progress is being done.”


There are some days where Freshmen can’t behave well and their academic career can go to trash. But Ms. Herzog won’t allow that to happen, she loves to take care for those students who are struggling in class. The most important thing about having a successful academic career is caring for each other.