Homecoming Royalty 2016

Olivia Childs, Reporter


Yet again, Battle High School has done an amazing job of nominating our homecoming kings and queens that best represent our school!

Emma Davenport has a spunky and outgoing personality that is reflected in her daily life inside and outside of school. As an exemplary student and the president of Model UN there is no denying her importance here at BHS. Emma also enjoys presenting her artistic talents in Battle High’s Art Club and in organizations outside of school.

Running together, Hannah Godbey and Colton Snyder are working as a team to fundraise reach the nomination for this year’s Homecoming. The two are both in National Honors Society where they show off their community service and academic skills. After high school, Colton plans on majoring in Agricultural Business at the University of Central Missouri. Being the student council president and a varsity cheerleader, there is no doubt that Hannah is capable of achieving anything she puts her heart towards.

Jaevon McQuitty is ultimately Missouri’s number one football player who has his heart set on being the best of the best. Next fall he plans on attending college in Nebraska where he will continue to demonstrate his football expertise. When Jaevon isn’t busy with football, you can find him watching anime or simply just having a good time with friends!

Sydnee Anderson is the team captain of Battle’s Varsity Cheer Squad. She is proud to say she went to Hawaii to compete in a cheer competition and show off her squad’s amazing talents. When Sydnee isn’t traveling the world for cheer or dedicating her time to Student Council and National Honors Society, you can find her capturing the moment with breathtaking photography skills.

Madi Null and Caleb Bavlnka both have internships at Mizzou’s Chemical Engineering Program. They are both members of the Future Problem Solvers where their brightness is recognized. Caleb balances his life between school, cross country and all the clubs he is enrolled in, all while putting a smile on everyone’s face. Madi works as a florist and enjoys activities such as mountain climbing, and appreciating the nature around her.

Batkhuleg Battur has a strong personality and refers himself as the “Dab King”. With his energetic attitude towards his love of sports, specifically basketball, there is no doubt that he will display the same enthusiasm in his running for homecoming king. Batkhuleg is a very motivated and eager student who dedicates his time to clubs and writing. When he isn’t studying for school or playing on Battle’s soccer team you can find Batkhuleg pumping iron at his favorite gym.

Brielle Thompson is an academic who is involved in Avid where she exemplifies her knowledgeability. She is proud to say that she has rescued 32 people at her lifeguard job where she uses her amazing skill of putting others before herself. Brielle is so charismatic, you won’t walk away from a conversation with her without a smile on your face.

Battle High School’s diverse Homecoming court for 2016 will definitely be one for the books. Best of luck to all of them!