The road after high school

Batkhuleg Battur , Reporter

After graduating high school, seniors have plenty of options on what they could do next. It’s either going straight to work with a low minimum wage income and no college degree, or getting accepted into a 2/4 year college/university around the country, or live on the streets and do nothing.

High school is a time where seniors are questioning themselves about possible career choices that they want to do. There are numerous amounts of careers available for every senior to pick and they can make that decision themselves if they want to do it or possibly change that particular career.

Ms. Dru Nash says this is , “a very accomplished class.” (2017 Graduating Class)

Any major educational institutions require tuition money which is a fee that every student must pay in order for them to get admitted, and it pays the dorm rooms, supplies, meals and other accessories that an average college student needs. Unfortunately it is expensive, there are seniors who are in deep fear paying for their tuition. However they can earn free money if they do well educationally all four years in high school, then they can earn scholarships.

“Fill out the FAFSA sheet for financial aid to see if you get grant money,” as Ms. Melissa Patterson talks about one of the great ways to get grant money and there are other ways to get free money like applying for scholarships to see if a student qualifies or not. “Just keep gathering information,” Ms.Nash says.

There are seniors out there looking for help. “Communicating with your teachers, your counselors and your parents,” Ms.Patterson comments about getting help. Senior year is a year where things needs to be done on time, college applications should be filled and done before the deadline and continue working hard to graduate and be a great member of the Battle High School Alumni.