Margaret Frey Profile

Adrian Maddox, Reporter

Sophomores welcomed a new face this year at Battle when Margaret Frey came onto the scene as the brand new learning specialist of English 10. Frey moved to Columbia Missouri six years ago, but will be teaching her first year at Battle this year. Frey has taught English throughout many cities along the east coast, before eventually moving to Columbia. Before her journey, she got her bachelor’s in English, and then went back for a graduate degree in English as well.

Frey describes her experiences with English before her job at Battle. Frey says,”I was an English teacher for years, and then when my kids were born, I stayed home with them, and thought I was only going to stay with them until they started kindergarten, but stayed with them for 16 years. We moved quite a few times, and things get quite a bit crazy.”

In spite of being an English teacher across the country, this year will be Frey’s first year being a learning specialist, though she still feels that she is an English teacher. About starting a new job after going through college and working as an English teacher for many years, Frey explains her drive for trying something new. Frey says, “I think that because i’m this close to 52, the people that I admire most in my life, because of where I am in my life, is older women who are doing their second go around, they’re going like “Okay this is hard, this is scary, but I’m gonna go for it, and that’s where I am right now, so it’s cool to see people who’ve done that before.”

English classes with Mr. Gammon and Mrs. Latendresse will continue another great year with their brand new learning specialist.