Pale Waves Music Review

Adrian Maddox, Reporter

Alternative music has been making its way back into the ears of music lovers everywhere as the genre begins to find top spots in popular radios and most played playlists. Alternative music followers were left in awe with the recent update of Apple Music’s “Breaking Alternative” playlist, bringing a new band to the scene: Pale Waves.

The grunge looking group mixes 80’s pop music trends with those of the current indie trends to create a fun, bright, new musical interest. Pale Waves uses a grand mix of electric keyboards, electric guitar and bass, vocals, and drums to create upbeat alternative pop music. Though music is the main focus of the band, physical appearance is a huge aspect to the live performances. Keeping up with the current popular clothing trends, while mixing in the same grunge and vintage feeling of their music, Pale Waves uses a lot of dark and muted colors in their wardrobes and promotional content for the media.

Pale Waves came to the indie scene in 2014 as the four member group met with each other and started working together. Even though they began working in 2014, the band didn’t release any music until 2015 when they caught the attention of Dirty Hit Records. However, Pale Waves is very new to professionally released music, as their first official single was April of 2017 with “There is a Honey.The band is yet to release an official EP (Extended Play) or album.

The band’s first release is about being unsure if a couple is ready for a relationship and all the baggage that comes with the relationship. Lead singer Heather Baron-Gracie uses her strong vocals to cut through the electronic keyboard and fun guitar riffs throughout the song. This song, along with many others from the band, it known to be extremely resemblant of the band The 1970: both bands use influence of 80’s rock, pop, and indie genres to spice up the current music trends. Along with “There is a Honey the band has released a few other singles such as “New Years Eve.This single followed the band’s musical aesthetic while introducing a new topics of interest. Pale Waves’ four released songs are about love in all of its aspects: falling in love, being in love, and falling out of love.

Pale Waves grew a media presence in early last year after opening for popular British band, The 1975, as well as creating a music video under the direction of Matty Healy. The band is expecting to tour throughout the United Kingdom during early months of 2018, as well as being one of the musical acts for BBC Sound in 2018. Pale Waves hopes to make 2018 eventful with their new tour dates, as well as adding new content for fans to listen to with a new album later this year.