Book Recommendations

Cheyenne Leasure, Reporter

As a reader, do you often find yourself searching for a new book to read after you have just finished one? Here are a few books I recommend you read when you just can’t find something that looks interesting to you.

“Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl” by Anne Frank: A young Jewish girl during the Holocaust faces unimaginable circumstances. Anne Frank and her family were forced out of their home and into hiding when Hitler and the Nazis took over most of Europe. She was forced to hide in an attic with another family. They feared Hitler and the Nazis because of the terrible things they were doing to Jewish people. During the Holocaust, Jews endured horrific things such as malnutrition, diseases, constant fear and many other things each discussed in the book through Anne Frank’s point of view.

I enjoyed reading “Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl,” because it gave me a better understanding of what it was like for the Jewish during the Holocaust. Anne Frank wrote about her life being a part of the Jewish community during this time, and wrote about all of the horrors her and her family faced. By reading this book, you will grasp a better understanding of the truly terrible things that the Jewish community went through during the Holocaust.

“H2O” by Virginia Bergin: Most of the population has been wiped out, all but 0.27% of it. Ruby, the main character, is all alone, and in search of her father. Throughout her journey, she must be cautious of the deadly rain that has reduced the population as well as the amount of drinkable water.

“H2O” by Virginia Bergin caught my attention when reading its back cover in a bookstore. When I read the back cover, it gave me an ominous feeling. If you’re someone that enjoys reading apocalyptic/dystopian books like I do, then give this book a try.  

“When” by Victoria Laurie: Maddie has a special gift that can also at times be a curse. She can see the death date on the forehead of every person she meets. Maddie often gets paid to tell people that want to know when they will die. This becomes an issue when Maddie tells the death date of a woman’s son, who later mysteriously goes missing on the exact date Maddie mentioned. She gets pulled into an investigation that brings on many challenges and changes her entire life around.

“When” by Victoria Laurie has a very interesting plot with a mystery to be solved. Who is the Murderer? Is Maddie the murderer? Read the book to find out.

Each of these books are drastically different, but all have a very interesting plot. If you’re looking for something new to read, give one or all of these books a try.