Driving with Discipline

Investigating Parking Tickets


When driving to school, always look both ways before turning into a parking lot! (Kaylee Faddis)

Kaylee Faddis , Reporter

The ticket is squeezed between the wipers, big numbers illuminate from the paper as you get nearer and nearer. A parking ticket, a parking violation, and a citation. What do these have in common? They are all tickets, and they all cost money. If you drive safe, smart, and cautious, you don’t ever have to worry about receiving one of these.

Officer Cory Dawkins revealed that the tickets can range from $40 to $100 based on how bad the parking is, “If you do not have a current parking pass to be parked where the students are supposed to park you will get cited. Parking in a handicap without a handicap placard, if you’re in two parking spots, parking in the teacher’s/staff parking lot, or parking in a fire zone. We are actually seeing a lot of that go on as of late as far as after-school kids speeding around the parking lots, and doing doughnuts and driving careless.”

When in a hurry to get home, or dodge cars in the parking lot, this can be a major hazard for motorists. This can create accidents and dangerous road conditions for all people on the road. This is another reason to receive a citation while driving on the road.

When registering for a parking pass, Sherry Herman, Extra-Curricular Director adds, “You have to have your driver’s license and have insurance on your car. A car can’t be insured if it’s not legally licensed. You have to show us the proof that you have insurance on the car, and you have to have your driver’s license. The parking pass will be $25 after you come back in January,” Her advice for newly-licensed drivers, or kids who plan on driving to Battle would be to, “Drive safe, because you can get a ticket for driving recklessly.”

The staff tags are identifiable from the student tags and it would be difficult to pass as a staff member in the teacher lots if you are a student. The staff passes are bright yellow and say “Battle High School Staff” in big bolded letters while the student tag contains a Spartan and labels it as a student parking pass.

If it’s unmanageable to pay the hefty price for a parking pass, Adam Taylor, Assistant Principal, commented, “We’ve worked with students in the past that have them pay by semester, instead of paying the $50 upfront they may pay $25 first semester and $25 second semester so that we can work with them. But what we get a lot of times would be ‘Well I didn’t have the $50 dollars.’ But they didn’t tell us that, or didn’t communicate, or didn’t try to work with us to get a parking pass. So we’d rather them be a tagged driver and paying two payments then just deciding on their own that they aren’t going to have a tag.”

Eliminate getting a ticket by purchasing a parking pass which is $10 dollars more than a parking ticket received by the city. Save money and purchase the pass before parking!