Nic Stone Returns

Ema Higgins, Reporter

Recently, Nic Stone visited to talk about her new book Odd One Out, and her first book Dear Martin. Stone met with some students in the morning for the book club and a Kahoot about her book. During the day she was introduced by some fellow students for an assembly and Q&A about her and her books. The assemblies being student run showed other students at Battle how they can interact with authors. Stone also met with creative writing students and AVID students and they got to eat lunch with.  


Stone’s goal is to get more people to read and know that reading is good. “Reading and writing are the ways that we learn to interact with other people,” Stone said, “and that is so important.”


Stone specifically likes to write young adult novels because the writing style interests her. “I typically write things about what bothers me in society,” Stone said.


She is here to create the books that she never had growing up. Stone said, “Writing has made me a lot more compassionate and it’s made me think a lot more critically about the world around me.”


The Project Lit club organized the day with Nic Stone. Izaiah Wilson, Project

Lit Ambassador introduced her at the first assembly. “I love her books,” said Wilson.


Wilson met Stone last school year when she visited Battle for her book Dear Martin. “We’ve been friends ever since,” Wilson said.

Reading books like Dear Martin and Odd One Out has inspired Wilson to read more books such as The Hate You Give.

Daniela Calle, another Project Lit student, met Nic Stone last school year and this year she got to help out at the morning book club which consisted of a Kahoot about her book and Stone talking to some students.


“The books really hit on social issues that are presented in today’s society and in high school,” Calle said, “You can really see yourself as the characters in her books.”


Project Lit invites authors to Battle so students can experience more than just reading a book. Whether students read her books or not, her visit made an impact on students and how they view issues in today’s society.