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Movie Review: Robin Hood

Adrian Maddox, Editor

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Disney’s live action Robin Hood opened in the box office Nov. 21. The action packed film follows the life of Robin Hood, starting with his draft to crusade into arabia. He is injured and sent back to England, where he sees the king is taxing the poor to take over England. Hood then fights back by giving money he stole from the government to the poor.

The film stars british actor, Taron Egerton to play the role of Robin Hood and Eve Hewson as Maid Marian. The film follows the original plot from Disney’s animated Robin Hood in 1973, where hood steals from the rich to give to the poor, using humans instead of animals as main characters. Many times Robin Hood has been recreated and recreated, making it a disney classic.

Disney has entered an era of writer’s block, remaking and extending 80’s, 90’s, and 00’s movies, allowing no room for original ideas. Disney released the trailers for a CGI version of Lion King and new addition to the Toy Story series, adding on to the list of unoriginal ideas.

Though Robin Hood adds to the list of unoriginal ideas, it is completely original in itself.
The film is very Disney story book, as the main actor looked and acted young. The characters are slightly naive, thinking things will go their way, however things often do go their way, making the film slightly predictable.

The action scenes were very realistic, moving audiences emotionally as Robin Hood fights off the King’s army throughout the movie, along with his training scenes.

As Robin Hood learns how to fight against the king, as well as deceive him into thinking Hood was on his side, characters really gain an appreciation for Robin Hood, and his giving character.
I enjoyed the movie, as it held my attention throughout the entire plot. The actors played their roles well, evoking emotion when necessary, allowing for the audience to become much more connected to the characters on the screen.

Robin Hood was not very successful in its opening weekend, making a little over $9 mil, in domestic sales during opening weekend. Though, the film came out the weekend before thanksgiving, going against Creed II, which was released the same day.

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Movie Review: Robin Hood