Soccer Workouts

Jocelyn Calhoun, Reporter

Girls soccer workouts began in December to help prepare the girls for the 2019 soccer season.

Workouts, planned by the coach, John Rubenstein, take place Tuesdays and Thursdays after school at 4:15 p.m. Tryouts for the girls soccer team begin February 25th.

In preparation for the upcoming season, the girls work on endurance, scrimaging, footwork, and other skills that will help them during their games. Rubenstein explained “I think about what the end goal is and use backward planning from there. I also use formative assessment daily and use that information to guide practice plans,”.

Sophomore, Jamie McGuire, said “Workouts in the offseason bring us together and help us learn more about each other before we get into high pressure game like situations. They prepare us for the communication we need.”

Rubenstein also explained that workouts are important to get the girls in physical shape for the season but also to get them used to working together and to work on communication between the girls.

Workouts aren’t required to be part of the team, but when tryouts come around, the girls that worked together to improve themselves during the offseason will stand out.Sophomore, Lillie Colbert said, “I decided to do workouts to condition myself for soccer but also to show that I want to put in the work to be the best that I can for my team.”

Rubenstein explained, “I’m excited to see returning players as well as new plays working hard on the practice field,”. Not only do soccer workouts prepare the team, they also prepare the coach. Watching the girls play together before the season starts helps the coaches see what type of skill and experience levels each player has and put them in a position that will most benefit the team.

Workouts are meant to be really fun for the girls as well. Colbert explained, “The thing I enjoy most about soccer workouts is being a part of a team with all of the other girls that go and us supporting each other while we condition for the upcoming season.”

McGuire explained, “It’s always fun meeting the new girls who want to play soccer because they all bring a different skill set and we all have different experience levels.”

Rubenstein said, “This is a great group of girls and I love coaching them and helping them improve.”

Tryouts for the soccer team begin February 25th.