Grand Tetons Trip Garage Sale

Adrian Maddox, Reporter

Tiny groups of students and parents gathered with items to sell at the circle drive at Fairview Elementary School. The group was raising money for the annual Yellowstone and Grand Tetons science trip held during the late spring. The garage sale began around 8 a.m, and ended whenever sellers were ready to leave.
The Yellowstone and Grand Tetons trips are school sponsored trips to hike, explore, and learn about the environment of the North Western mountain ranges. Students are expected to pay around $800 for the trip themselves, and are given multiple opportunities to raise money towards their trip expense.
The garage sale held outside of Fairview was one of the few fundraising opportunities available for students. Aniya McClain-Hill, Lange student, participated in the Krispy Kreme donut fundraiser earlier in the year. She sold items during garage sale to help pay for her trip.
“[The garage sale] is a good alternative to earn back money for the Grand Tetons,” McClain-Hill said.
Each booth at the garage sale had different items available for purchase, including clothing, books, toys, and household items. Senior Erin Hickey, will be attending Yellowstone trip three. She attended the garage sale, but did not sell any items.
“I thought it was a good idea to see what kind of things they had, and give back to the people who are going on the trip. I also like to thrift shop,” Hickey said.
The Yellowstone and Grand Tetons trips will begin May 25, and conclude June 15.