Who are the Spartanettes?

who is Battle’s famous color guard?


Kenzie Banks, Reporter

The Battle Spartanettes all wake up early in the morning to be at Battle by 6:45 a.m. to begin rehearsal at 7. 

Brink has been in the guard for almost three  years. “We practice for about an hour after school on Thursday and every morning before school,”  Brink said.

Nowack said that she appreciates the team. ”I don’t really get stressed out that much because of guard. If anything color guard is a stress reliever,” Nowack said.  

Despite the closeness of the team, there are some challenges that come with color guard as well. “The only stressful thing about color guard is remembering the work we had to put in for an eight minute show in the fall and three to four minute show for the winter,” Butler said.

If interested in joining color guard, contact Christina Thalhuber.