El Camino Movie Review

Ian Melville, Reporter

El Camino, the end all to Breaking Bad? Yes, El Camino reveals information about Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul). During his time locked in the cage during the fifth season of Breaking Bad Pinkman was forced to work on the compound of the captors, who were competitors of Walter White (Bryan Cranston) and Pinkman. Throughout the film there are flashbacks to Breaking Bad and Jesse’s past, along with things that were not shown to us during Breaking Bad. Things that were later left for the film, which was an afterthought of Vince Gilligan (Creator of Breaking Bad.)

 The title “El Camino” is a reference to the El Camino, that Jesse was seen driving at the end of Breaking Bad and throughout the first hour of the film. The El Camino, in this context, besides being a very cool vehicle, was a symbol of Freedom. The freedom given to Jesse by the El Camino when he escaped and helped Todd (Jesse Plemons) with countless things that were not shown on the show.

 Pinkman visits old friends Badger (Matt L. Jones) and Skinny Pete (Charles Baker), who took him in and give him money, new clothes, and traded cars to get rid of the hot El Camino from Skinny Petes and Badgers house. Jesse takes off in Badgers 1984 Pontiac Fiero, to keep a low profile.

Throughout the movie, Pinkman visits old colleagues and gains revenge on people who wronged him, including the people working for “Kandy Welding Co.,” who were one of the many people who cooperated with his captors while being held. Pinkman is also avoiding the police, as he is subject to a manhunt throughout all of New Mexico. 

Pinkman almost ran into a snag, where he called his parents, who publicly called for his arrest. When he called them to distract them and get into their house, he had two cars full of cops follow his parents when he gave them a false location he had said to be at. 

The end was bittersweet, with Pinkman purchasing a new identity from the owner of the Vacuum Store, Ed Galbraith (Robert Forester) and relocating to Alaska. He travelled to Alaska with a fresh start and leaving his old life of crime behind. He also prepared a good-bye letter for Brock Cantillo (Ian Posada), the son of a former girlfriend whom he had a strong connection with. 

Overall, El Camino is worth the 2 hours and the 15+ minute recap of the show before the film starts.  Being a Netflix exclusive, it was well worth Netflix’s time and money to produce such a great film. The movie served as a good closure for the show that was Breaking Bad, that ended in 2013, without knowing what would have happened next.