Disney+ Review

Disney steps up their game with a new service to compete with Netflix


This is the interface users are presented with when browsing content on Disney+

Nic Myers, Web Editor

Walt Disney Company has finally launched the long awaited streaming service, Disney+. The service comes in at just $6.99 a month and allows users to try the service with a seven day free trial, but a valid debit or credit card is required. 

The experience of using Disney+ is very simple. The intuitive interface is very clean and sleek, allowing one to quickly skim categories and pick out their favorite show or movie. Just like Netflix and Hulu, Disney+ has a watch-list feature where shows or movies can be saved to watch later. The app version of this service allows content to be downloaded for offline use. 

Content on the streaming service ranges from Disney classics, such as Lady and the Tramp and The Jungle Book, to more recent films such as Wall-E and High School Musical. Many Disney Channel Originals are returning as well including Suite Life of Zack and Cody and Lab Rats.

In addition to bringing back the classics, Disney also brought new storylines that expand on past ones. For fans of Star Wars, comes an all new series exclusive to Disney+, The Mandalorian. This show follows the storyline of an elite bounty hunter  known as the Mandalorian, which takes place five years after Return of the Jedi, according to series creator Jon Favreau. This show really allows for insight into new characters that aren’t seen in the original trilogies. Those who were wishing for a High School Musical 4 (HSM) almost got their wish. Instead, Disney created an updated version of the show titled HSM: The Musical: The Series. This Disney+ Original is centered around the lives of the students at the school where HSM was shot and the troubles that come when they stage the musical for the first time. 

Although the platform is home to fantastic new content and classics, there is a downside of Disney+. The lack of a resume shows section is absent, so content can’t be easily picked back up where it was last left off. While this is an inconvenience, the feature should appear in the coming months once the overwhelming launch of well over ten million users is over and the system begins running smoothly. 

All in all, this service outstanding. Disney was able to make teenagers and adults feel as if they were a kid again by making hundreds of shows and movies easily available, including new and exciting stories, truly bringing magic back into people’s lives just like Disney sought out to do. 

Edit: As of November 26th, the resume shows section was added to Disney+.