Kicking into the new season

Haily Cook, Reporter

As the Girls Soccer team is getting ready for the upcoming season in the Spring, they are currently warming up with pre-season workouts. They train 3 days a week in the off season, Monday is upperclassmen lead ball skills. Wednesday, is cardio based, circuits and agility work. Thursday is a low impact strength workout, working on abs and doing yoga. These workouts will take place 3 days a week until 5:00, there will not be training over winter break, once the season begins workouts will take place 6 days a week. Any girl is allowed to attend these workouts.

Coach Bittenbender said, I believe attending these sessions benefit the participants in many ways. Not only are they getting more physically fit from being at sessions, but they are also getting to know other people that want to make the team. They also get experience getting to know their coaches.”

Many girls attending these workouts are planning on trying out this upcoming season. Jamie McGuire, Junior, said “These workouts help me a lot with getting ready for the season, I am excited for the season to begin, I think it’s going to be a good year.” 

Coach Bittenbender also said, “I hope to have a group that will represent BHS with pride and is willing to hold each other accountable through adversity.” about her hopes for the season. For any girls interested in playing this Spring, tryouts will be at the end of February, you don’t need to have any experience to play just a physical on file.