Thanksgiving during Global Pandemic

How covid-19 had an effect on the holidays


Jennifer Pereyra, Reporter

As the whole world faces rough times during a global pandemic, with at least 13 million confirmed covid cases in the US alone, Thanksgiving still goes on. Whether you celebrate it alone, with family, friends, or loved ones, either at home, or in another state, this is a time to be thankful for what we still have and the people to share it with.

Everyone should be taking extra precautions to make sure they are in good health during these times. Sophomore Melissa Lindsey stays home for thanksgiving, celebrating with family. “I’m super careful about COVID, and I want others to be too. I don’t believe a lockdown is necessary, because it’s bad for our economy, and our country lets us make our own decisions as citizens, so I stay home.” Lindsey said. 

Missouri’s COVID  rates have recently increased, with 303,000 confirmed cases and 3,932 deaths, according to New York Times. Masks and social distancing should be everyone’s top priority when going out anywhere to insure everyone’s safe. Staying home and avoiding mass gatherings is also encouraged. 

Zoom has recently been everyone’s number one form of communication, to attend classes and stay close with friends and family at a safe distance. Rock Bridge sophomore Carter Willett not only stayed home with family for the holidays, but included other relatives to the dinner table over zoom video chat.

 “I made sure that I was around the people I was quarantined with and zoomed with family I couldn’t visit who are out of the state,” Willett said. 

Though staying home is encouraged, some choose to come together for the holidays by visiting relatives who live a little farther away. Getting to spend time with those you haven’t seen for months is overall a warm great feeling but can be a bit dangerous during a pandemic. Junior, Eneidi Hernandez got to travel to Oklahoma for the holidays, gathering with family and having a good time enjoying each other’s company.

 “To avoid having to stop and buy stuff on the way there, we carried snacks, food, and our masks and Germ-X.” Eneidi said. 

While the world is put on hold and we’re all living through a global pandemic, it’s important to take care of yourself and loved ones by making sure you practice social distancing, wearing your mask, avoiding mass gatherings, and staying home as much as possible. In order to get through this, we have to work together every step of the way.