McGregor Vs Poirier Recap

Poirier shines in rematch vs McGregor

Jackson Meyer, Reporter

It was UFC 178, on September 27, 2014. Connor McGregor and rival Dustin Poirier would be meeting for the first time that night, serving as the fight before the co-main event. McGregor was looking to capitalize off of a massive win in July of that year vs Diego Brandao and boy did he ever. McGregor knocked out Poirier in 106 seconds to earn bragging rights that night and sent a very frustrated Poirier home.

This loss for Poirier snapped his three-fight win streak dating back to the last year. This extended McGregor’s win streak to four and set up future title bouts in 2015 vs Chad Mendes, as well as rival featherweight champion, Jose Aldo. As for Poirier, this fight gave him lots of motivation for the future and led him to be a much better fighter. This also marked the last time Poirier would fight at featherweight and for the rest of his ongoing career, he would be fighting at lightweight (155.) 

Poirier went on to have a good career and is still a top-five fighter in the lightweight division. Now you know the history. Earlier in 2020, McGregor vs Poirier was announced for January 2021. Finally, a rematch of two of the best lightweights according to the UFC rankings would be taking place. McGregor had only fought once in 2020, and that was in January vs. veteran Donald Cerrone, whom he knocked out in 48 seconds. Poirier was coming off of a back and forth vs Dan Hooker, whom he beat by decision.

As tensions rose leading up to the fight, McGregor was telling everyone that he was in the best shape of his life and was ready to get back into the octagon. Poirier on the other hand was excited as well, looking for sweet revenge after a decisive loss back in 2014. On January 21, both men weighed in at 155, and thus made the bout official, McGregor vs Poirier for the second time was official.

As fight time rolled around the corner, the anticipation was at an all-time high. The pay-per-view sold 1,600,000 buys, which ranks second only behind UFC 229, which sold 2,400,000. This bout received many mixed predictions from fans. Many seemed to think that McGregor would dominate just like he did in the first fight, while others saw it going the other way, considering that Poirier was a much better fighter and a former champion.

As the co-main event wrapped up, it was finally time. 2,600 were in attendance at the Ethiad arena, in Abu-Dhabi. UFC announcer Bruce Buffer announced the two men with his signature voice that many fight fans recognize. Referee Herb Dean had the fighters touch gloves then the first round was underway. McGregor opened up calm, feeling Poirier out. Right away, Poirier went straight at the right calf of McGregor. This was the beginning of the end. As round one carried on, Poirier secured a takedown and had a grappling exchange with McGregor. The two landed knees and shoulder strikes. They eventually separated and this led to the end of round one.

As round two began, it was obvious to the commentary team that McGregor’s right leg was in bad shape. Poirier kept landing on the calf and McGregor could not seem to defend it. About 2 minutes into the round, McGregor’s leg had taken him out of the fight. He could barely put any pressure on it while walking and this prevented lots of power from his punches. McGregor missed an uppercut and this brought his back to the fence. Poirier noticed that McGregor’s leg was compromised and began to land again and again. After a few great jabs and hooks, Poirier connected with a jab right to McGregor’s nose, sending him to the ground. Herb Dean then called a stop to the fight.

After seven years, Poirier had finally got his revenge. McGregor remained humble after the loss and told Jon Anik, UFC commentator, that his leg was dead and Poirier beat him fair. McGregor has called for a trilogy matchup and will be interesting to see if he gets it.