Valentines Day Date Ideas

Valentines Day date ideas during pandemic


Valentines Day Date Ideas

Jennifer Pereyra, Reporter

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, love is in the air but so is COVID-19. It’s more important than ever to do our parts and stay at home. Whether you’re a couple or even if you’re alone, here’s how you can make Valentine’s Day special while staying safe.

Plan a romantic dinner for two. Spending some quality time together in the kitchen cooking your favorite dishes. To keep pandemic friendly, you should order your groceries ahead of time. If you’re not a cook, there’s no shame in take out, and saves you from dirty dishes that could ruin the romantic mood. 

Make your own movie theater or drive-in and enjoy a cozy movie night from the comfort of your own home. Pop some popcorn and stock up on Valentine’s Day candy and settle in for a movie marathon. To spice things up, you can invest in a projector and turn your living room into your own home theater. 

Take your date outdoors. You could never go wrong with a romantic picnic, either at a park or your own backyard, don’t forget the chocolate covered strawberries. If picnic’s aren’t your thing, you could find the best view on a hike, or find an outdoor activity that you both love and make the day special.

Recreate your first date. Try to recreate those same first date butterflies from your own home. This is a very thoughtful way to show you still remember the first time you two began dating. 

Buy yourself that expensive or luxurious item you’ve always wanted. You don’t need a partner to buy you that piece of jewelry you’ve been eyeing. Get it yourself, have it gift wrapped, and open it on Valentine’s Day as a gift to yourself. 

Unplug from the world and take some time to yourself. Consider unplugging for the day and turning your phone on silent. Pamper yourself, meditate, or try new hobbies. Feed your curiosity by learning something new. Valentine’s Day is about love, if you’re spending the holiday alone, don’t beat yourself down, take this opportunity to focus on yourself and build your confidence and self love, you are your true soulmate, show yourself some love.