Final Days: Senior


Monyae hickem

As the month of May reaches its final weeks, seniors are growing excited for Prom and the relief of 12 long years finally coming to an end. May can still be a stressful time just as an exciting one. The hassle of making sure you have all 24 credits in order for graduation, and making sure you have the best dress. Seniors finally come to the realization that the real world lies right ahead.
Prom is a once in a lifetime event that leaves a memory forever. Claimed as one of the most amazing experiences of your senior year; a night full of fun with friends and other classmates for the last time, creating sweet memories, taking pictures with friends and prom dates. Prom is an important event for students, it serves as a symbol of years of learning, friendship and success.
After a night full of fun, the last and final stop to the real world is graduation. Hundreds of seniors sitting in one place, dressed in a cap and gown with a growing feeling of anxiety and joy to walk across the stage and get a diploma, knowing you finally accomplished 12 long years.
After finishing school, everyone has their own path to take on different careers and lives. Students across the country spend several years looking at textbooks, quizzes, tests, projects, finals. Until the day comes when you say goodbye to the title of a “student” and exchange for an adult title of adjusting to the new phases of life.
Senior Kamiya Logan said, “The best thing about being a senior is you are finally done with school and it’s your choice if you want to go to college. My advice to freshmen is to choose your friends wisely and lay low the first year of high school.”
Senior Tarron Cason stated, “Best thing about being a senior is more freedom. Some advice to freshmen is to get work done early and make sure to pass all classes so you don’t have to when you’re a senior.”