10 Years at Battle

A Look Back on the Past Ten Years at Battle

10 Years at Battle

Michael Pigg

As Battle High School hits its 10th year of being open, we decided to look back at it –and our teachers’– history. Battle first opened its doors to students in 2013, and since then Battle has been home to many students. 

Battle High School was named after Muriel Williams Battle, who grew up in Mobile, Alabama in the 1930s. After high school, she attended Fisk University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in speech and drama and in history from Florida A&M University. She married Elliot Battle in 1950 and in 1956 the Battles moved to Columbia Public Schools where they began teaching at Douglass High School. The Battles were able to make CPS more inclusive for people of all ethnic backgrounds. In 2013, in Muriel Battles’ memory, Battle High School was named after Muriel Battle.

Over 30 teachers that were in the inaugural staff of Battle High School are still teaching here today. Matt Leutchmann, EEE teacher, said, “The fondest aspect of working at Battle High School was the whole process of helping build the culture here, as well as being able to start clubs and traditions.” 

Being a new school, Battle needed traditions to be started, among these traditions included Call to Battle, Battle for the Ages, and more. Many of these traditions are still present in today’s Battle High School, with new ways to incorporate all students and activities. 

As the first ten years come to a close, the halls and teachers of Battle are still very similar to the faces you would see if you first entered these doors in 2013. All the teachers strive to follow the mission of Muriel Battle, who made every student feel like they had a place in education. You can still hear her words every morning “We’re glad you’re here” showing how much she strived to welcome any and everyone who entered the school. Muriel Battle was a remarkable and dignified woman who inspired students, teachers, and fellow citizens to strive for excellence. She was highly intelligent, accomplished, optimistic, and interested in helping other people.