Teacher Spotlight

Ms. Nichol Einsiedel

Michael Pigggggggggg

Nichol Einsiedel, Spanish teacher, has been working at Battle for four years and has taught all levels of Spanish. 

Einsiedel attended Lindenwood University for five years, where she started learning studies in Radio and TV Broadcast and production because she wanted to become famous and after that, changed to be an Education Major with emphasis in Spanish and Elementary education with a minor in secondary education. Her favorite part of teaching is “being able to shape the minds of young adults and being able to share my love of Spanish with the culture.” 

Her favorite snacks include “Caramel Brulee latte from Starbucks and anything sweet.”  In her free time she enjoys traveling. In fact, next summer she’s taking a group of students on the EF Tours to Europe, for more information, find her in her room at H128. When she’s unable to travel, she enjoys hanging out at home with her pitbull jazzy. 

Einsiedel’s favorite music genres include 90s R&B, hip-hop, rap and Reggaeton. Her favorite artist is the Backstreet Boys and she has too many favorite songs to choose just one.

Her biggest pet peeves are people who chew with their mouth open and people who lie. She says that her favorite thing about herself is her empathy. One thing she’d change about herself is how overworked she is with other jobs.