Jump Start Day

Freshmen prepare for the new school year


Samantha Bonen, Writer

As the school year comes to a start, the annual event, Jumpstart Day has passed, and it has helped boost our incoming freshman’s confidence for the upcoming school year.

 Jumpstart is an event that takes place the day before the official first day of school. It is for new incoming students to get a feel for the building and their schedule without the upperclassmen attending. It allows them to get comfortable and prepared for the first real day of school when everyone goes. Jumpstart is optional but is a strongly recommended event around the school. 

According to link crew leader, Ainsley Stubbs and freshman Konnor Kite, jumpstart started with a fun assembly which involved games and going over what the day would look like. Then, after the assembly, they headed off to their advisory classes to get their schedules. In advisory, they also completed a few activities with their class, and Freshman got their laptops. 

“I thought it was fun, especially the assembly because Stuco picked fun things to do,” Freshman Konnor Kite said.

Senior Ainsley Stubbs also had her own thoughts about jumpstart. She said, “I would say the experience was very helpful because it allowed a day for everyone to kind of get to know the building, classmates, and their teachers.” 

We then asked Ainsley Stubbs how this year’s jumpstart compared to her jumpstart when she was an incoming freshman. Ainsley stated that this year’s jumpstart was very different from her own. She said this year’s jumpstart was more organized and kids can learn about the building and get to know their classmates. In her jumpstart day, students were put into random groups, so it was possible you didn’t meet anyone you had a class with. 

Administrators primarily organize the structure of the day, then participate throughout. Students meet in the gym in the morning for the assembly, and it goes on from there. 

“I do think Jumpstart Day is important because it gives students who are new to their buildings an excellent opportunity to get to meet their teachers and classmates in a relaxed environment,” said Vice Principal and administrator Kendall Lewis. 

Overall, jumpstart was successful this year, and we look forward to meeting the new incoming freshman next year. We hope this event made our freshman settle in and shake off some nerves before their first day of high school.