Advice to 2015 Freshman

Stacy Christmas, Staff Member

It’s a new school for students from out of town, students from different districts, and, of course, students that are freshmen. Seniors were asked to answer some of the freshmen concerns and this is what they had to say.

Freshmen, Gillian Stiles has one concern that many of us went through and has no idea what to do; “I play softball so that takes up a lot of time, so having enough time to do homework and keep up in class is my main concern”. Senior, Nash Sutherlin answered Gillian’s and probably many other freshmen athletes problem: “Use your Spartan Time, advisory, and any free time”.

Freshmen, Rachel Godbey asked one question that not only freshmen are concerned about but almost everyone else too, “how to have enough time to get your lunch in the crowded lunch room and because you don’t have enough time to eat lunch and socialize”. Seniors Lauren Hall and Jolisa White had some tips to deal with the crowed lunch room, “For A lunch, get good grades so you can spend Spartan Time in the commons and be waiting first in line when it’s a few minutes before the bell,” said Lauren Hall. “Sit outside so you’re not in the crowded lunch room,” advised Jolisa White, last years’ Muriel Williams Battle award recipient.

Battle High School is a big and beautiful building. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy to get around. Here are some more tips for freshmen from some of our seniors:

” “Plan a little route to go on, not stop and talk to friends, maybe speed walk, don’t walk slow, and at least walk in a good pace”- Taylor Harms

” “Cling to a bigger person, if there’s a bigger person just go with them, kinda like if you’re on a train and when you get to your stop just jump off and you’re good” – Zachary Burks, with some sarcasm

” “If you’re in the A hall way and have to go all the way together J hallway, just talk to your teachers and they will help you” – Jolisa White