Student of the Month: Abby Wallen

Daysanae Stemmons, Staff Member

When Abby found out she was Student of the Month she was very excited because she never thought she would be acknowledged for something like this. Everyone around her was so proud and glad she finally had been looked at as a good student here at Battle High School. Abby says she is very happy to become somebody that younger students can look up to. Abby is attending the Culinary Institution of America in New York City. To prepare for this, she takes a high level culinary class at the Career Center near Rockbridge High School. She works at Hy-Vee and she loves her job, maybe a little too much, but she also loves to cook and play the guitar. Abby is also involved in different clubs here: she is the president of the key club, a member of the Battle Literature and Arts Review Magazine, and also a student council member. Abby tells me that she wants to thank the teachers who helped her where she is now in life: Mrs. Villasana, Mrs. Smith, and all the chefs here at Battle and the Career Center.