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QB Success Continues

Jackson Meyer, Reporter

October 25, 2019

  Throughout the six-year tenure of the storied football program, the quarterback position has always been secured by great quarterbacks throughout the years, such as Brevinn Tyler, who is now a quarterback at Colorado Mesa, and now Kansas State quarterback Jaren Lewis. Harrison Keller has a ch...

It’s a Small World

October 25, 2019

“It’s a small world.” Some people don’t believe that saying, but it applies to 23-year-old Cameron Hawkins. Hawkins, a 2015 Battle High School graduate, has found his way back to Battle as a Special Education Aide after he developed a love for teaching.   Hawkins did not go to public school at first...

Gabe Watkins-Mocumbi Acting Profile

Alissa Perkins, Reporter

April 24, 2019

Junior Gabe Watkins-Mocumbi has been acting since he was in 6th grade and is a respected actor within Battle. He was invited to The International Thespians Society Missouri Conference (ITS) which is a weekend long state competition/festival because of his merit as a performer. During his high school career, he’s been i...

Art: To Be? or Not to Be?

Kathryn Hosey leans up against a blue swirly wall while smiling bright for the camera (Kaylee Faddis)

Kaylee Faddis, Reporter

January 7, 2019

The strong smell of paint sticks to the air, while water is being stained by used brushes. The world between fantasy and reality is finally defined, and now we get to dive into the mind of one of their own. One needs a steady hand and an open mind to enter the world of Art and produce the works and...

The Presko Project

Dr. Presko stands and smiles for the camera. (Kaylee Faddis)

Kaylee Faddis, Reporter

November 23, 2018

     Early last October, Principal Dr. Kim Presko received the outstanding administrator award by the Missouri Council of Career and Technical Administrators (MCCTA). Presko was recognized for her continued support in both career education and technical education. Jordan Smith, teacher and adviser of Darkroom...

Callie Brinkman Profile

Brinkman smiles for a picture.

Marissa Beaver, Reporter

October 29, 2018

Sophomore Callie Brinkman enjoys having a busy schedule but makes sure to save time for friends and family. Brinkman heavily participates in church, music, golf, and school. A busy schedule comes with positives and negatives, but the positives typically outweigh the negatives for Brinkman. “I want to ...

Haily Cook Profile

Haily Cook Profile

Jocelyn Calhoun, Reporter

October 29, 2018

While most seventh grade students were playing sports or spending time with friends, sophomore Haily Cook was working with her teacher to become a published author. 7th Grade Poetry (7GP) is a national organization that provides school poetry competitions. Their goal is to bring together families, stu...

Turning Pro

Photo provided by Cynthia Ricciotti

Cheyenne Leasure, Reporter

October 17, 2018

For some professional athletes, time management is something they may struggle with, especially if they are a student. That doesn’t seem to be the case for sophomore Cynthia Ricciotti though. Between school, homework, marching band, and disc golf, Ricciotti has succeeded at keeping up with each. Disc g...

This Ain’t No PowderPuff

Allison Collier, Student

September 27, 2018

Go out the field, warm up, split into groups, practice blocking, practice plays, conditioning. The typical narrative of a football practice--only this one’s told by a girl.   Kayla Moss has been around football ever since she can remember. “I’ve watched football my whole life,” s...

Student of the Month: Natalie McNeely

Summer Evans

December 20, 2017

Freshman, Natalie McNeely is the freshman student of the month. This means we're gonna take a deeper look at this star student. Let's get to know Natalie. Natalie is very involved at Battle High School. She is in show choir, acting troupe, drama club, and math club. Show choir one of her major commitm...

Taylor Reed Profile

Neila Bates, Reporter

October 2, 2017

Taylor Reed is a junior at Battle and she is nothing short of impressive. Taylor has faced a lot of obstacles to get to the point she is at today. At a young age, Taylor was facing the struggle of her parents divorcing and being all over with her grandparents. This led to Taylor realizing who her her...

Katelin Glascock Profile

Summer Evans, Writer

October 2, 2017

Katelin Glascock, 16, is a junior at Battle High School. She is involved in multiple extracurricular activities and various Advanced Placement, honors, and world language courses. Although Glascock has a heavy load, between school and dance classes, nothing has never kept her from doing her best. It all...

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