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Drue Horton

Drue Horton is the not-so-ordinary bodacious blonde born in Mexico, Missouri and raised in Columbia, MO. She's also lived in Miami and Texas, but somehow wound up here at Battle High. She was the first homecoming queen of the school. She's known to be one of the most upbeat and bubbly girls you will ever come across, kind to everyone as she lights up every room she walks into. Drue enjoys taking part in yearbook and taking pictures or hanging with her best friends in her spare time. This sweet home-styled girl loves to spend time with family: her parents are like her "best friends." She's the oldest of seven siblings several of whom also attend Battle as well. Her biggest pet peeve is being ignored, but how could you ignore the sweet charismatic person she is? She enjoys playing volleyball recreationally and her iPod would most likely be playing Ed Sheeran if you asked her. Drue hopes to attend the University of San Diego and major in marketing or entrepreneurship. Her long blonde hair, bright smile, and joyful personality will be going places around California, so keep a lookout for this one, she's going places!

Written by Clara Baldwin

Drue Horton, Yearbook Editor

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Drue Horton