Senior Showcase: Taj Buttler

Looking forward to life beyond Battle

Senior Showcase: Taj Buttler

Bethani Thompson, Staff Member

As the end of the year approaches, the seniors here at Battle High School start to figure out what the next step is for them after graduation, whether that is going to college or starting a career. Taj Butler has had an after graduation plan since she was a freshman in high school. In her family, education is a big deal, “It’s the idea of the way out.” Both of her parents went to college, as well as her grandmother, who was her biggest push to get a great education to have a “beautiful life.”

Most people agree: middle school can be one of the most uncomfortable and awkward times in a person’s life. For Taj, it was a time when she became very close to her teachers and found out what she really enjoyed: writing and the arts. Junior high school was amazing for Taj. In 9th grade she became very in to politics and government because of her honors English and Honors government class. This passion started with her teachers Mr. Johnson, who got her really in to politics, and Mr. Gammon, who helped her with writing and poetry. That was also the time that she decided to go to Canada for college, because after learning about the U.S. government system she realized that she wanted to leave.

High school is stressful, no one can deny it. As seniors approach the end of their last year in high school, they can catch a case of senioritis which makes it harder and harder to stay motivated in classes. To stay motivated, Taj is always thinking about her future, “I ignore the past and the present and my goal is the future so I’m always planning like two years ahead.” It is a checklist for her; she needs to get certain things done in order to do what she wants in the future. She also makes sure that everything she does makes her happy, if she is not happy or passionate about what she is doing then she loses interest and is not as motivated. The things that hold her interest and motivation are often a good representation of who she is as a person.

When asked where Taj saw herself four or five years, she said that she sees herself married, still learning in school, and living in Oregon while working with environmental agencies, and hopefully interning for things that will help her make progress in her career. Keeping her dream to be a wildlife cinematographer and make wildlife documentaries in mind is how she stays motivated because she is passionate about achieving her dream. Throughout her years in school, many people and teachers have helped her stay motivated and on the right path to achieve her dream, such as Mrs. Metz, Mr. Horton, Mr. Johnson, Mr. Freborg, and Ms. Ali. Her favorite classes are AP French, where she enjoys the curriculum, and the atmosphere of African American Literature. Though she is not heavily involved in the school, some clubs have helped her as well, especially Youth Advisory Council (YAC) and Teen Outreach Program (TOP).

While making her college decision, Taj was trying to get away from people, expand her horizons, to find a place with friendly people and an accepting culture, and a major or career that focuses on global sustainability. With these as her criteria, Taj was accepted to three amazing schools: St. Thomas University in Canada, Colorado State, and Western Colorado State University. Taj has chosen to study at Western Colorado State University in the fall. Through all of the nerves, Taj knows she can do it because she will always have someone to lean on and pick her up because she met her fianc this past summer. Picking up everything you know and moving across the country can be terrifying, even when your new home fits your needs and you have support from your family and fianc . Taj’s passion and commitment to her dreams makes her a role model for all students.