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Little Women Movie Review

Rachel Eaton, Reporter

January 23, 2020

On Dec. 25 the new movie Little Women, directed by Greta Gerwig and produced by Amy Pascal, Robin Swicord, and Denise Di Novi, was released to theaters.  A few years after the Civil War, the March family is not together after they go to live life on their own. Jo March, played by Saoirse Ronan, is in N...

Fashion Frenzy

Kaitlyn Bailey, Editor-in-Chief

October 27, 2019

When the leaves start changing, so does the fashion trends. Suddenly, you’re left regretting not owning a denim-jacket or a turtleneck sweater to help combat the cold temperatures during the fall. Here are the top six fall trends to keep an eye out for this year:  Silk Scarves  Silk scarves that mimi...

Take Care

Lily Drage, Reporter, Arts & Entertainment Editor

May 20, 2019

During the summer students soak up the sun’s rays and spend much of their time taking part in many summer activities. But even if you don’t plan on being out and about everyday you might consider the following tips for taking care of yourself throughout the summer:   H2O is the way to go, maintaining hydration k...

Changing the Drinking Age

Lily Drage, Reporter, Arts & Entertainment Editor

May 14, 2019

Every couple of weeks in elementary school our local police officer, Officer Hopper, would stand against the cubbies and tell us what to do when someone offers drugs or we are pressured to drink alcohol. As a kid, these conversations seemed useless, because at that age just about no one was being off...

Lunch Atmosphere Opinions

Marissa Beaver, Reporter

April 24, 2019

If every single student were to be placed in an AP calculus class, some, if not most, kids would struggle to maintain a good grade or stay focused because of the atmosphere of the class. The atmosphere would be serious and the class would have a large workload, which is an environment that not all kid...

Blue and Gold Card Opinions

Marissa Beaver, Reporter

April 22, 2019

Soon after IPRs are given to students, blue and gold cards are given to students who meet the qualifications. In order to receive a blue card, students must have no D’s or F’s, no more than one referral, no more than two tardies, no unexcused absences or truancies, and 90 percent attendance, whereas...

Battle’s Uniqueness

Ricardo Rodriguez, Reporter

April 8, 2019

As the newly established high school in Columbia, Battle is still on the lookout when it comes to their high school culture, their image and what makes them distinct from other schools. But within these six years, it has developed its own uniqueness and still tends to grow over the years. Freshman...

Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

March 20, 2019

The sound of welcome. It is a sound reconstructed time and time again as the world continues its search for an answer to reoccurring issues of inequality and the loss of hope. For years music and poetry have been utilized as mediums for such curiosity. But for many the sound of welcome was found in t...

Do They Really Care?

Lily Drage, Reporter, Arts & Entertainment Editor

March 20, 2019

At a young age I was drawn towards child care, whether it be a regular babysitting job or an actual teaching position. I was fixated on the joy experienced by a child and potentially being the reason behind it. According to, 13.7% of elementary school aged children have a desire to ...

Top Five Movies to Watch With Friends

Jocelyn Calhoun, Reporter

January 7, 2019

For many, the holidays are a time spent with family and friends. However, after doing all the traditional “no school” activities like spending hours at a time on your phone, winter break can become a bit dull but watching movies can make it more fun. The following five movies are movies you can ...

Call of Duty Review

Avery Lynn, Reporter

January 7, 2019

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 is yet another installment of the very popular video game series. Black Ops 4 is a first person shooter video game, that was developed by Treyarch, and published by Activision. The Call of Duty series has sold well over 220 million copies worldwide. Call of Duty Black Ops 4 is the...

How Midterm Elections Could Impact The Youth

Kaitlyn Bailey, Editor-in-Chief

November 12, 2018

Missouri residents can expect an increase in minimum wage within the next four years. Voters passed Proposition B, a measure placed on the 2018 Midterm ballot that will gradually increase minimum wage to $12.00 an hour by the year 2023. It will take effect starting Jan. 1, 2019. Currently, 20 stat...

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