What Are You Listening To?

Most Popular Songs Over the Summer

Isaac Boss, Reporter

A poll went out asking what students listened to over the course of the last three months, starting with the beginning of summer break. Poll-takers were required to answer 3-5 songs of their favorite or most listened to songs over the requested period. These songs were heard by other students and deemed school appropriate or not. Of the ones that made the cut, they then listened to again in order to look into the song itself and what could have inspired the masterpiece as it is now. After further review, I was given three popular songs among the school to provide my thoughts about each…

Song #1: “Another Heartbreak” written and performed by Giveon was released in June 2022. This song is about being in a relationship that seems too good to be true. He describes it really well, and it hits close to home really hard. I really like this song because his voice is very soothing in the way he sings it, and you can just tell that he poured his heart and soul into this song. The reason why “Another Heartbreak” made it onto this list is because the imagery is really strong, it’s relatable, and the wording is chosen very specifically to give it the vibe that it does. On a star rating scale, I would give it a 4 out of 5 due to the fact that this song is very beautifully written and because I feel that it would be a great, “get into your feelings” and live through it song.

Song #2: “Enemy,” released Oct. 18, 2021, is a collaboration between Imagine Dragons and JID. This song was very popular among poll-takers. It talks about how the world is against them and what the world does behind your back. I think that the reason why this song is so popular is that it is very motivational and upbeat, especially for a workout! In regard to the words with and in themselves, I think that they would make me superstitious and always make me very timid and hesitant about people and what they say if I were to listen to the song enough. On a star scale rating, I would give this song a 3.5 just because it is catchy, it is a good pump-up, workout song, but what is holding it back is some of the word choices. I feel like they could have been more creative if they had chosen to.

Song #3: Out of Time was released March 29. Produced by The Weeknd, it is the perfect harmony of slow, but catchy. This song will get stuck in your head, and you will be glad that it was the one stuck in your head. The writing is very clever, the rhymes are finessed, and it’s insanely good. The lyrics explain how you had lost your chance to tell someone that you liked them due to the fact that they have chosen someone else. I think that it is relatable in some situations, but is too good to just up and skip on the playlist. I feel like this would also be a decent comfort song to cope with a loss of a family member, a pet, or just anything really that you lost your chance to do something about. On my scale, 4.5 out of 5. The reason why is that I personally am a fan of The Weeknd, the music composition hits just right, and the singing is very soothing, but also empowering. It is a very good song and is enjoyed by others around you.

Each of these three songs are unique and has very different tones and moods. If you are in search of new songs to listen to or just want to change up your playlist a little, look no further. These songs were suggested by peers, for peers. I don’t dislike any of these songs, and some of them, I had never heard before. Also, thank you to all who filled out the poll and helped with this article. If it wasn’t for you, this would not have been possible. So, thank you.