Student of the Month: Isaak Smith


Jack Tallmage, Copy Editor

Isaak Smith, freshman student of the month, is an obliging, charismatic individual whose kindness proves largely apparent no matter the situation he is in. Generosity yielding in no situation, Isaak has conveyed that he is enthusiastic, accommodating, and hardworking during his few weeks at Battle.

Initially, Isaak was taken aback upon receiving the award. “I was just helping out whenever I had free time” he says, though many would argue his contributions are not limited to a few small instances.

Although he was surprised with the award, people who know Isaak are quick to address his applicability. These acts of kindness have continuity whether or not they take place during the school day. Isaak’s exhibitions of benevolence often stretch beyond the 8 hours spent in the classroom.

Ms. Alicia Herzog, an art teacher here at BHS, is among those who have experienced Smith’s altruisms first-hand. “He came in here before I even had him in class and helped me put away supplies in my classroom” says Herzog.

A newcomer to Battle, Isaak’s impact has stretched beyond the classroom. As of now, he is a part of the Football team and hopes to join Baseball and Wrestling as well. His participation in activities outside of the classroom assert his well-roundedness along with his wide range of capabilities. This extracurricular involvement along with his amity are signifiers of his position as Student of the Month. He is often described as an individual who characterizes the best of BHS.

“He’s a perfect example of what we hope all of our students display” says Ms. Rachel Henderson.

His contributions and compassion make Isaak an unmistakable individual inside and out of the halls of BHS