Teacher Spotlight: Ms.Rose


Batkhuleg Battur, Reporter

If you want to meet a new teacher that you’ve never seen before, go say “hi” to Ms. Taylor Rose. She’s cool and awesome to hangout with and a very helpful teacher who loves her students in anyway as much as possible.

Rose wanted to be a teacher because the majority of women who are in her family were teachers, so she wanted to follow their footsteps and also be a teacher. “My mom is a teacher, she taught at the college level, my aunt teaches fourth grade, my grandma is a sign language interpreter and she taught communications at the college level, and my mom and her two sisters were dance teachers.”

Rose started her career in a unusual way. Her first major was business but it didn’t go well and neither did math. So switching to English made her life more compatible and more reliable, because reading and writing felt comfortable to Rose.

The switch eventually led her to teaching English and so Rose would use her cousins and friends and play school with them. Getting enough teaching practice with friends can make her teaching career be more useful and helpful. “I’m from a really big family, I would play school with them, I loved the idea of teaching them new things,” and “I’m gonna follow my family’s path and see if teaching is for me.”

If there’s another career opportunity, Rose would love to be a pastry chef, because cooking is one of her favorite things to do, and maybe own a coffee shop, because coffee is her number one recommended beverage to drink.

Rose graduated from the University of Missouri with a secondary education degree under English section and she is eligible to teach ninth through twelfth grade. She did a lot of reading and writing for homework, because it was hard passing all her English classes and Rose got used to it and that become an everyday routine for her. Rose is currently teaching tenth grade English and of course she’s loving her job.

If there was any other subject Rose could teach, it would possible be Orchestra, because she had experience playing the violin for fifteen years and got private lessons when she was five. Her other choice would have been a learning specialist. She enjoys working with special needs students, that was one of her first teaching experience while she was student teaching.

On the first day of school, the chills and nerves were coming to Rose in a most dramatic effect. She wanted her students to like her, and before school started Rose planned classwork for her students, all the hours of hard work, her students made Rose feel relaxed and comfortable to be around.

Outside of school, Rose loves to run and drink coffee. She would put on her headphones, and go on a nice run. She goes to coffee shops around town, tasting all the flavors, and don’t forget about the cream and sugar, which are the two most important ingredients that she puts in her coffee. “Lakota is my favorite place to go downtown and I do grading/lesson planning while I’m at Lakota.”

Rose has goals ahead of her teaching career, and that is she wants to create more well rounded lessons, lessons that include different types of media that’ll get her students attention and it makes the topic more interesting to learn.

At the end of the year, Rose is planning a party to celebrate with her students and this would show how much her hard work has paid off and end the year in a fun way as possible. Teaching in the future, Rose is looking to improve more of her lessons and use more effective teaching tools and getting involved in activities and clubs such as coaching track. The spotlight is bright and still shining if Ms.Rose is teaching your class.