Student of the Month: Kiessence Bassett


Jack Tallmage, Copy Editor

Kiessence Bassett, Sophomore student of the month, demonstrates her immense capability through her academic and extracurricular involvement. Bassett is one of the most amicable individuals at Battle, and her involvement in activities inside and out of BHS is indicative of her capabilities. Kiessence is head of a Mac Scholars committee, a member of Art Club, a tutor at Battle Elementary, involved with AVID, and a participant of volunteer work. Her participation reaches beyond that of average students, illustrating her immense capability. She maintains this extensive extracurricular life while simultaneously establishing herself in class; reinforcing the classroom for herself and others. “I advocate for myself in class a lot” says Bassett. She plans to participate in TEDx events in the spring. Her nominator, Mrs. Schuup, is confident in Kiessence’s abilities as a well-rounded student. “She is new to AVID this year but she has already become a leader” says Schuup. “She is very Honorable and trustworthy.” Kiessence’s position as Sophomore Student of the Month avows her dedication to education and well-roundedness