Student of the Month: Josiah Youngblood


Josie Nichols, Online Editor

Josiah Youngblood is a Junior at Battle High School and was nominated to be Junior of the month. In order to be nominated, the student’s teachers must select them. One of Josiah’s teachers, Ms. Schupp, says she nominated him because “He is a positive role model for all students.” Josiah says “he just stays quiet and does his work.” After high school Josiah wants to go to college to get his PHD in sports medicine therapy. Not only is he strong in the classroom but he also participates in multiple sports. Josiah started the swim and dive team this year and he’s also on the Battle bowling team, which he’s been doing since the age of 6. Josiah is also an AVID scholar. Ms. Schupp said “I appreciate Josiah and his willingness to do what is needed to be successful as well as help others.”