Destiny Dollinger Profile

Colten Stone, Managing Editor

Destiny Dollinger’s value of education is unbelievable. She shows the dedication and hardwork to not only be just a student and as an athlete, but also as a leader. When Dollinger was a little girl she was very quiet and shy, but as she has gotten older her leadership has become a reality. Last year, she was the president of her sophomore class, which is just another area that she showcases her leadership skills. Dollinger wants to do better than her parents and her brothers. Dollinger said, “I just want to feel better for myself and I would actually like to do something in life”. Dollinger says she wants to finish with a 4.0 but currently has a 3.9 and is working really hard to get her GPA up and raising her grades in class. Dollinger said she really wants a 32 on the ACT and at least she’s been working really hard at studying the categories of math, science, English,and reading. Dollinger is a dedicated student that is prepared to make commitments to get her full value of education, especially as time is running out for her high school career.