Hannah Nandor Profile

Liam Barry, Writer

Hannah Nandor teaches Chemistry and Honors Chemistry to mostly juniors. Nandor went to Lafayette High School in St. Louis, then went to Truman State University. She has always wanted to be a teacher and she really loves chemistry for its wide range of experiments and study. Her favorite side of chemistry is the physical side because of the math. Her least favorite side of chemistry organic chemistry because it lacks mathematical thinking, and she’s not good at visualizing 3D models. During her free time she likes to play with her dog Peanut, she also likes to read a lot, such as thrillers & mysteries. Her favorite part of mystery books is to try to solve the mystery before the author can. Nandor also likes science fiction and historical fiction. She really likes teaching at Battle High School because it has a large range of classes, and a lot of extracurricular activities just like her high school Lafayette. This is her fifth year teaching at Battle High School and it is turning out to be her favorite year; she really likes working with high school students.