Greg Soden Profile

Cheyenne Fields, Writer

Going to a foreign place is a big commitment and can be a frightening thing to face on your own, especially as a young adult.

As a child Gregory Soden was curious as to what he wanted to do with his time. He tried out swimming, water polo, soccer, basketball, and baseball in all of which he didn’t enjoy as much as he had originally thought he would. Throughout his middle school years he enjoyed history classes so 8th and 9th grade year he got invited to go on a school field trip that had opened his mind into his adult career and how much he desired to travel.

After graduating high school he moved from Fenton, St. Louis and decided to attend Mizzou. After taking and enjoying a teaching position at Mizzou he made the risk to go to an International Job Fair.

The first job he was offered was in Mexico, and he took it. During his time there he was challenged with many obstacles such as not understanding or speaking the language, but as a person he grew from this experience.

After teaching in Mexico he was offered another international job in England. He lived in London where prices were higher, but so was the pay. In his free time there he would visit old castles and historical sites.

“You can get on a train in London and be in Paris in an hour,” Soden stated while speaking of his adventurous times in England.

After returning from amazing, once in a lifetime opportunities he met his wife at Mojo’s (a music venue).

As of today Soden has been married for four years, has one beautiful four year old daughter, and teaches English 10 and a religions class at Battle High School. His daughter is very advanced and is currently learning how to write, read, and even knows how to cook an egg! He’s enjoyed his time here in Columbia and the awesome opportunities in Mexico and England. For now, he is just enjoying life and time with his family, students, and co-workers.