Katelin Glascock Profile

Summer Evans, Writer

Katelin Glascock, 16, is a junior at Battle High School. She is involved in multiple extracurricular activities and various Advanced Placement, honors, and world language courses. Although Glascock has a heavy load, between school and dance classes, nothing has never kept her from doing her best. It all started off when Glascock was 6. She had saw that her friend was a dancer and was fond of the idea. It was then when she asked her parents to sign her up. She started off small just taking tap at the Dance Arts of Columbia. As she became more and more advanced she began to the explore other parts of dance including, ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, and modern. Through determination and long hours of blood, sweat, and tears Glascock won a scholarship for jazz and a DANZA intensive award that would allow her to tour the US throughout the summer and perform for thousands of people. When high school came into the equation, Glascock wanted to join a club or two to prepare her for college and life. On top of her busy life she joined FBLA and NHS. She enjoys FBLA because it allows her to simulate a real world business environment meanwhile, NHS allows her to give back to her community. Glascocks life-long goal is to is do her best at what she can. While she knows nobody’s perfect she continually strives for perfection.