Taylor Reed Profile

Neila Bates, Reporter

Taylor Reed is a junior at Battle and she is nothing short of impressive. Taylor has faced a lot of obstacles to get to the point she is at today. At a young age, Taylor was facing the struggle of her parents divorcing and being all over with her grandparents. This led to Taylor realizing who her hero in her life was, and that was her grandmother. Taylor’s grandmother is a big part of who she is, she made sure Taylor and her siblings had everything they needed and wait for the for hours at a time for them to get out of school for practices and such. So when Taylor’s Grandmother was diagnosed with cancer taylor did everything in her power to make the situation better. She said “Sometimes I would just go over to her house and we would watch old T.V shows. She was just so strong.” Taylor would drive her grandmother to her chemotherapy appointments and also go to other appointments with her. On top of this, Taylor was working, had softball practice and workouts and still was meeting obligations for school. Taylor is a extremely hard working not only in academics, but in sports as well. “I am always at practice or workouts. I have been a leader since day one. I am a leader not a follower.” Taylor makes sure this trait shows in everything from AVID to her job.