Callie Brinkman Profile


Marissa Beaver

Brinkman smiles for a picture.

Marissa Beaver, Reporter

Sophomore Callie Brinkman enjoys having a busy schedule but makes sure to save time for friends and family. Brinkman heavily participates in church, music, golf, and school. A busy schedule comes with positives and negatives, but the positives typically outweigh the negatives for Brinkman.

“I want to be a big part of everything I do, but it’s hard to keep that same energy with everything I do because I do so much,” Brinkman said when thinking about some of the difficulties that come with her demanding schedule.

Though participating in so many activities can often cause difficulties or stress, it can also be those same activities that keeps someone on track and helps maintain the stress. For Brinkman, this is music.

“If I can get my thoughts down on paper and sing it, even if it’s not exact words, that’s what I need to do,” Brinkman stated. “It helps me keep sane.”

Though a busy schedule can be difficult at times, Brinkman finds a lot of positives.

“I feel like I’m never bored and also I feel really productive,” Brinkman said.

She also added how she feels about people who are not involved in activities.

“People have a lot of potential and I feel like they’re wasting that and I don’t think that’s what you should be doing,” Brinkman stated about how people could be benefiting when they are not.

While a busy schedule typically means free time is very limited, Brinkman makes the most of her time when she does.

“I like spending time with my family in a more private setting because I feel like I can be more open with them,” Brinkman said.

She also included how she feels about students who are fully involved in school.

“Being a full-time student is equivalent to having a full-time job and I don’t look down on people that try to just excel at one thing,” Brinkman stated.

Some people enjoy a busy schedule, some do not. Callie Brinkman is someone who does enjoy this lifestyle. She believes that it keeps her busy in a beneficial way by never being bored and feeling productive. Involvement in so many activities shows that Brinkman is social, responsible, organized and passionate about golf, school, church, music and family.