Art: To Be? or Not to Be?

Painting her Future Bright: Kathryn Hosey


Kathryn Hosey leans up against a blue swirly wall while smiling bright for the camera (Kaylee Faddis)

Kaylee Faddis, Reporter

The strong smell of paint sticks to the air, while water is being stained by used brushes. The world between fantasy and reality is finally defined, and now we get to dive into the mind of one of their own.

One needs a steady hand and an open mind to enter the world of Art and produce the works and Kathryn reveals what she enjoys the most about Art when she finally broke through the surface.

Kathryn Hosey, junior and art student expressed, “What I enjoy about the art the most is the product, it’s very satisfying to me and I think that’s the whole reason why I do it so I can see the product because it’s beautiful to me. ”

Amelia Talken, junior and art student mentioned, “I like her shading and the way she shades. She works with block colors and I can’t work with that so it’s admirable. This is AP 2 and this class is fun because it’s more freedom but it’s also awful because it’s more freedom.”

With an AP class not only does it consist of a heavier workload, but it requires more focus, work ethic, dedication, and requires much of a person’s time management. Students have to be willing to try harder and to also learn to earn their grade and work to get what they want.

Jody Spriggs, Fine Arts Department chair, and art teacher said, “Her artwork has really strong skill and she has work that sets apart as an exemplar where you can strive for that type of resemblance. But as far as her energy, and when we do critiques, or her as a member of our community, it is her drive. She does really intense amounts of work and she pushes herself really hard. I think she’s a good example to others as someone who really dedicates themselves and puts in the amount of time and to do those things it takes way more than what we just have in class.”

Kathryn Hosey is not certain where she wants to continue her journey but her art will guide her along the way.