Hello 2020!

Nathan Stever, Editor In Chief

The end of the decade is quickly approaching with the resurgence of the 20’s right around the corner. The New Years celebrations will shortly begin. The strike of 12 on the clock will bring joy to many people’s faces as the new year begins. 

New Year’s has always been something to look forward to. Many people in the United States will watch the ball drop in New York and open a bottle of champagne to celebrate the occasion. Soon after the clock strikes midnight, many people will fall asleep and wake up with new ambitions for the new year, also known  as New Year’s resolutions. These may consist of anything from eating healthier, or getting better grades in school. Many people, however, will only be able to stay true to their resolutions for a few weeks.

China celebrates  New Year a lot more than other countries. The Chinese New Year has no set date, but it is most commonly celebrated in late January. The celebration consists of many festivities like parades, games, and meals. On the day of the celebration, the world’s biggest display of fireworks will be set off, despite a ban on fireworks because of the bad pollution in China. 

France celebrates the New Year much like America does. They begin with a meal, and continue with french desserts, all while having champagne. Many go clubbing or spend their time with friends or family. When the new year begins, the crack of fireworks and the cheers of  people fill the air. The president of France makes his new years greetings on live television as a way of congratulating the French for making it another year.

With 2019  coming to a close, a new year full of new possibilities approaches. New Years is celebrated differently around the world and some countries share traditions, while others are very different.