Houses approves War Powers resolution amid tensions with Iran

Kaitlyn Bailey, Editor-in-Chief

The House of Representatives voted Thursday in favor of a War Powers resolution in rebuke of Donald’s Trump’s actions against Iran. The resolution is meant to limit President Trump’s military action toward Iran by requiring “the president to consult with Congress ‘in every possible instance’ before introducing United States Armed Forces into hostilities.”

The resolution, which passed 224-194, is non-binding, but directs President Trump to terminate armed forces engaging in hostilities against Iran because Congress has not authorized the president to use military force against the country. 

The vote fell largely among party lines; however, three Republicans voted for the resolution. Rep. Matt Gaetz was among the three Republicans saying, “If our service members have the courage to fight and die in these wars, Congress ought to have the courage to vote for or against them.” 

The resolution came a day after the Trump administration slated lawmakers on their decision to kill Qassem Soleimani, a top Iranian military commander who is responsible for the deaths of more than 600 U.S. troops since 2003. Mike Pence, Vice President, said Iran was planning attacks against the United States; however, failed to disclose full details on those attacks. 

“Soleimani was traveling the region making plans to bring an attack against American personnel and American forces,” Pence said. 

The resolution was quickly criticized by Republican lawmakers, including Missouri Rep. Vicky Harzler. 

“The War Powers Resolution not only ties President Trump’s hands at a time when flexibility is needed, but it sends a signal to Iran that the defense of our nation is not at the forefront of congressional priorities,” Hartzler said in a Tweet Thursday. “Instead, this resolution suggests that partisan politics are.” 

Trump has since slammed the War Powers resolution saying it is “unconstitutional.”