CYBA brings joy to Columbia’s youth

Jackson Meyer, Reporter

2020 has been a crazy year and that is safe to say. The pandemic has been the main topic of discussion for everyone and for good reason. Just one of the things that COVID has done is strip freedom away from the youth of America. It has taken away opportunities for youth to socialize with each other and has affected the mental health of many. Fortunately, the Columbia Youth Basketball Association was able to have yet another season and bring joy to the youth of Columbia

One of the people that expressed great amounts of gratitude for the league was Fulton senior Logan Bosch. Bosch was able to play this year after missing tryouts at his school and found lots of joy being able to play alongside his friends. “I mainly played due to missing tryouts and it’s been enjoyable playing,” Bosch noted that this was going to be a huge deal to the youth in the city. “I think it will encourage kids who don’t really get the chance to play to just go and have fun.”

Another person that has been affected by CYBA has been Fulton senior, Jacob Kerr. Kerr is taking up CYBA for the first time this year and has enjoyed his experience. “My favorite part about the league is that I was able to make a team with my friends and it’s just a lot of fun.” Kerr also talked about how important the league was as a distraction to the events taking place in the world. “CYBA has definitely distracted me from COVID. Whenever I’m playing basketball, I can just have fun and forget about what is going on around me.”

This basketball league has been an excellent experience for the youth in this city and we continue to strive to do the same for years to come.