Teacher Spotlight

Ms. Lacie Gerfen


Isaac Boss, Reporter

Lacie Gerfen, history teacher, was a student teacher who taught here last year under Susie Adams, APUSH teacher, and since then has graduated from Mizzou. She went to school majoring in teaching as a Biology teacher, but later changed subjects to Social Studies and History. The things Gerfen said she  is most proud of are “Graduating debt free and securing a job in her field of study fairly recently after graduating.”

Gerfen stated, “What teaching is to me is being the cheerleader/mentor in a young person’s life.” 

Her favorite part of teaching, she said, is “The students and the relationships that I make with them. She said her favorite snacks and beverages are, “Dr. Pepper, coffee, and anything crunchy! I enjoy things from chips to carrots and even popcorn!”

Gerfen’s favorite colors are light and sky blue. Her favorite pastimes involve napping, watching TV shows, especially HBO Max, Hulu, and Netflix, and playing with her dog, Poppy Sue. Her favorite colors to wear are red and cobalt blue because “They bring out and highlight the color in my eyes,” said Gerfen. 

     Her favorite part and what she likes best about herself is, “my ability to remain calm and positive and not let things get under her skin,” -Gerfen. Gerfen’s biggest pet peeves, though, are being interrupted, students on their phones while she is trying to teach/talk to/with students, and drivers not using their turn signals while on the road. And if Gerfen could change any flaw of hers, it would be how she takes criticism, understanding it as not a personal jab or being attacked, but as something constructive to help her become the best version of herself that she can be.

But! Just because I gave the information, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t still get to know Ms. Gerfen. She is an outstanding person, has accomplished many feats, and is a great person to ask advice from and talk to: just ask her yourself! Her room is J214B, so go meet her today! (She won’t bite, I promise…)