The Death of Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II died September 8, 2022


Queen Elizabeth II

Stalee Sheaffer and Michael Pigg

The longest reigning Monarch of the United Kingdom had passed away in her sleep. Born on April 21st, 1926, Queen Elizabeth II became Queen at the young age of 25. While holding the title of her majesty, she had worked with 15 Prime Ministers, the first one being Winston Churchill. Before her time as British Royalty, she became the first member of the Royal Family to enlist as a full time member of the British Service Forces. In November 1948, she gave birth to the heir to the Throne, Prince (now King) Charles. While Queen, Elizabeth was the first British monarch to visit Germany in 52 years, as well as the first to ever visit mainland China. She also owned many animals. She had 30 dogs (all of which were Corgis), an elephant, two giant turtles, a jaguar, and a pair of sloths. Now because the Queen has passed, Operation London Bridge is in effect. Operation London Bridge goes immediately into effect after the Queen dies, and it is a 10-day process. The procedures are as follows:
Day 0 (D-Day)- Announcement of Queen’s death
D+1- The King is officially sworn into office, Parliament gets closed for 10 days
D+2- Because the Queen died at Balmoral in Scotland, her body arrives at Edinburgh, prepped to fly back to Buckingham Palace
D+3-King Charles tours England, Starting at Scottish Parliament
D+4- King arrives in Northern Ireland
D+5- The Queen’s body will be moved from Buckingham Palace to the Palace of Westminster. The processional will take a ceremonial route through London
D+6-9- The Queen’s body will lie in the Palace of Westminster for three days, open to the public 23 hours a day.
D+7- King Charles arrives in Wales
D+10- The funeral will take place at Westminster Abbey. There will be 2 minutes of silence across the country at midday. The Queen will be buried in the castle’s King George VI Memorial Chapel.