Engineer in the making

Student Griffin Pratte and his deep passion for engineering


Samantha Bonen, Writer

Griffin Pratte, senior at Battle, is a scholar who loves family, and has a sound passion for engineering.

When Pratte was little, he watched lots of car shows about engines, and soon overtime, became fascinated with how gravity works. Little did he know, this would spark a love for engineering. 

“I always wondered how gravity pushes down on buildings, and how people design them to withstand them for years and years,” Pratte said.

Pratte isn’t currently enrolled in any engineering courses here at Battle, however, Pratte stated he goes to “a ton of career center” to exercise his devotion for engineering. 

Pratte’s grandpa and uncle were big inspirations to him in the world of engineering. 

“My grandpa and one of my uncles are big engineering people, so I was always kind of inspired by them,” said Pratte.

Griffin Pratte was born and raised in Columbia, MO, but he states he has always loved Colorado. According to Pratte, lots of his family lives in Colorado. One time, he, his grandma, and his two sisters went to Colorado for a trip, and Pratte said, “it was the best thing ever, I loved it.” 

Family also means a great deal to Pratte. 

“My goal in life is that I want to make enough money for my family, so if they ever need help, I can help them,” said Pratte.

As for Pratte’s future, he actually plans on attending a community college, then transferring to a larger university, specifically Medford engineering, located in Massachusetts. He plans on carrying out his fondness for engineering, and making a career out of it.