Student of the Month: Grace Hodson

Student of the Month: Grace Hodson

Clara Baldwin, Staff Member

Hard working, committed, responsible, appreciative, and honest. These five words are how senior Grace Hodson describes a typical student of the month. She’d know very well what traits are needed to win this award, because she’s the very first senior to receive it at Battle High. When asked her reaction to the award she states, “Mr. Sirna is usually the disciplinary principle here at Battle, so at first I thought I was in trouble. But then he told me I had won student of the month and I was really happy.”

Grace has contributed greatly to the Spartan community, from being a member on the leadership committee, to spending hours in student council. She takes many AP courses and is also in National Jr. Honors Society, as well as the founder of the student embassy program. Everyone knows Grace to be a hard worker no matter where she is. Her advice on winning student of the month at Battle is, “Do your best as a student and give back to your community and school. It gives back to you as well and the more you put into your school the better it will be.”

Grace has also been a big part of organizing many of the events here at Battle. Homecoming dances, court warming dances, fundraisers, she does it all and is more than deserving of the award for how much she puts into the school.

Being a great student at Battle means to follow the C.H.A.R.G.E. (Charge, honor, advocate, respect, give, engage). Grace has demonstrated all of these traits and has been a role model for others. Her plan for college is to major in nuclear medicine. No one can doubt how far she will go in life; her head will always be held high to success.