Student of the Month: Kylie Haefling-Jackson

Bethani Thompson, Staff Member

The Sophomore Student of the Month is awarded to Kylie Haefling- Jackson. She is shy upon first meeting her, but is really funny when she decides to open up. She is the type of student who won’t accept a grade lower than a B+, she is determined in school and manages to get good grades even though she is also working. To keep up with her grades, she works on homework at home before she goes to work at 6:00 PM, and then works on her homework at her job till her parents come and get her. She is also a part of the Fishing /Hunting Club here at Battle High School, which usually meet during Spartan Time. She said that her teacher told her she won the award because she works with anyone and won’t complain if it is not the person she wants to be partnered up with. She is a responsible and respectful student who often keeps to her herself but is a very open and welcoming person when you get to know her. For being the “no slacking student” she is, Battle High School is happy to award Kylie with the Student of the Month award.